Data Analytics & Aggregation Dashboard Intern

  • Internship
  • Biot, France

Data Analytics & Aggregation Dashboard Intern

Job description

Starting date: Flexible

Duration of the internship: 6 months

Location: Biot (Alpes Maritimes, FR)


iWE is a software company developing a low code platform able to generate case management applications without any IT coding. We are a team of 20 young professionals, coming from all over the world but driven by the same passion for technology and innovation. By joining us for this 6-month project, you will get the opportunity to learn how to lead an innovative project from beginning to end  in a startup environment where foundations - such as data analytics capabilities setting- keep being built every day.


Purpose of this internship

iWE, as a generator of case management app, handles a lot of data. Clients using iWE expect the platform to produce indicators allowing them to monitor and pilot their business activity.

The purpose of this internship will be to analyze and extract these indicators from production data and make them available to be processed by reporting tools.

The scope also covers the implementation of a Data Aggregation Dashboard for indicator visualization, trend detection, business performance, leveraging data streaming techniques (Kafka data lake). 


Your main tasks:

  • Understand   analytics   requirements   of   the   iWE   platform.

  • Study   implementation   alternatives   for   working   with   generic   data.

  • Produce   a   working   prototype   of   producing   indicators   from   production   data.

  • Research   about   different   possibilities   both   in   open-source   community   or   commercial solutions   for   Business   Intelligence   (BI)   tools   implementations.

  • Study   how   to   implement   a   BI   Data   Aggregation   Dashboard   in   iWE,   evaluating   commercial options   and   implementation   alternatives.

  • Study,   design   and   implement   a   Proof-of-Concept   of   the   Data   Aggregation   Dashboard   in iWE   using   commercial   options   or   implementing   our   own   tools.


Technologies/Challenges :

  • Data processing languages
  • Databases
  • Big data
  • Data modelling
  • MongoDB aggregation framework
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard tools

Desired Skills and experience:

  • Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science (Preferred level: Master 2- End of studies) 
  • Statistics and data visualization
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Understanding   of   database/Data   processing   concepts
  • Abstraction capacities
  • Coding in multiple languages, SQL
  • Autonomous and passionate about programming